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The GLAVA® Group

GLAVA AS is a Norwegian industrial company with head office in Askim, plants in Askim and Stjørdal, and central office for administration, sales and marketing in Oslo. GLAVA´s aim is to develop, produce and market insulation materials and other products.

The main product is glasswool which is the worlds leading insulation material. GLAVA® is a Saint-Gobain licensee. In addition the product range consists of stonewool, rubber foam, EPS and XPS insulation, and many other commercial products.

Under the slogan “Good insulation is envirmonmental protection” GLAVA® is marketing a broad range of products for building insulation, industrial- and technical insulation and for ceilings.

GLAVA® holds certificates for quality NS-EN ISO 9001, and for environment NS-EN ISO 14001.The GLAVA® group consists of the parent company GLAVA AS and the subsidiaries Askim Mek. Verksted AS, Isolitt AS, Spydeberg and GLAVA® enøk AS. There are 400 employees in the group.

P.O. Box F, NO 1801 ASKIM, Norway
Org. No. NO 912 008 754

Phone: +47 69 81 84 00


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Nybråtveien 2
Postboks F
1801 Askim

Tlf.: 69 81 84 00
Faks: 69 81 84 78

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