Lightweight solutions and products for marine/offshore

Glava Marine and Weber Marine's lightweight marine / offshore solutions meet the highest standards and requirements - and deliver high performance combining safety and comfort.

Glava Marine’s lightweight solutions reduce the weight of the insulation by up to 50 percent compared to traditional rock wool, while Weber Marine’s lightweight solutions, primary deck coverings and self-levelling compounds, can reduce weight by up to 68 percent. This means the ship or rig can carry more profitable weight - be it passengers, goods or product equipment.

It's not just about comfort, temperature, sound and fire protection in the marine / offshore market. To compete in one of the toughest environments on earth is also about choosing solutions that keep the weight to a minimum for ships and rigs.

Minimum weight provides maximum benefits. Our solutions and products are lightweight, flexible and have first-class insulation and flooring properties that are ideally suited for marine / offshore applications.

Our knowledge of the industry, product and regulations is absolutely vital since all marine / offshore contracts have very detailed specifications, certificates and solid references. The marine / offshore departments are built up with very competent people - we not only sell solutions and products, but as a solid player we also provide advice and expertise sharing.

We are constantly working on further development. Ultimately, marine / offshore products and solutions have value only after undergoing accreditation stakeholder testing. Having the right certificates and approvals is an absolute requirement for us.

Reduced weight leads to lower fuel costs and is favorable both economically and environmentally. For passive fire protection on bulkheads, decks and floating floors on board ships and rigs, we have a complete range of certified products covering all A and H structures.

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Sammen bygger vi bedre forhold

Vi har samlet Glava Isolasjon, Weber og Gyproc i én gruppe! Hvordan vil du som kunde merke det?


GLAVA® er morselskapet for Glava Isolasjon, Weber og Gyproc. Vi bidrar til en mer effektiv og bærekraftig byggebransje.

Rehabilitering av betong og fasade

De fleste bygg kan rehabiliteres. Det er som regel bedre både for lommebok og miljøet å ta vare på det vi har, fremfor å rive og bygge nytt.

I Weber har vi kompetansen, løsningene og spesialproduktene for selv de mest krevende prosjektene. Vi ønsker å være en partner for alle som vil rehabilitere betong og fasade med lavest mulig klimaavtrykk.

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