Save weight with Ultimate

Ultimate is a mineral product specially designed for marine/offshore use, which has qualities just as good as, or better than, a traditional rock wool product, while being thinner and lighter.

The expert column:

Tor Gunnar Nordnes

Product Manager Marine/Offshore –

For end users this means reduced weight, for installers it is an easier material handle on board, and for buyers it means lower transport costs. Yes - there are savings to be made at every stage with Ultimate. The products are spun using glass wool technology, and have qualities that are at least as good as mineral wool with a high temperature tolerance.

Ultimate is a pure product without any contaminating slag substances, it is spun with long, thin and structured fibres that make it possible to achieve a low bulk density, great insulation ability, and a very flexible and easily handled product suitable for all insulation tasks in the marine and offshore sector whether it is in the name of comfort, fire safety, or noise insulation.

At GLAVA® we don't just deliver great products. If you choose Ultimate, you also receive technical expertise, regulatory expertise, experience of the NORSOK standards, advice, and a definition of the technical structure as part of the bargain. What you get is a total package and a collaborative partner who stands by you throughout a project.

Even if "the insulation package" is only a small part of the total cost of a construction project, it is a simple way to save weight. And weight reduction has recently been garnering more attention. 

Offshore structures are large and heavy, and they require a lot of equipment. By saving weight, it is possible to accommodate more equipment and potentially a greater load capacity.

For steel structures, there is around a 60 per cent reduction in insulation, for aluminium structures the reduction is around 45/50 per cent. This provides a significant reduction in weight. When it comes to ships, a reduction in weight will lead to lower fuel costs, which is both financially and environmentally beneficial, or it allows for an increase in load capacity or the accommodation of more equipment on board the ship.