Tor Gunnar Nordnes (t.v) og Kjetil Bjørgen styrker GLAVAs team på offshore.

Standing stronger in offshore

GLAVA® has added two new recruits to its team to strengthen its position in the marine and offshore market.

Kjetil Bjørgen and Tor Gunnar Nordnes have extensive experience in the industry. 

"It's essential to have the right people on board, given our work with the maritime market," says Lars Fillip Kolbu, Marketing Manager for marine and offshore with GLAVA®.

"We were determined to get the best people on the team, and that's why we spent many months finding Kjetil and Tor Gunnar."

Following a six-month trial the new offshore experts are now permanent employees and working on exciting projects. The offshore product range includes GLAVA® Ultimate, which has been very well received by the market. GLAVA® Ultimate is a revolutionary insulation material which provides major savings for the marine and offshore industry thanks to its very low weight.

GLAVA's two new employees have extensive experience of the maritime market. Read more about their skills on the GLAVA®-blog