Acoustics insulation

Glass wool acoustic insulation

Sound reduction  - Measurements
Insulating against sound is one of the major roles played by insulation materials, especially in passenger lines: it is important to protect your passengers from distracting and potentially harmful noise.
Light weight GLAVA Glass Wool insulation products allow you to achieve it, with extraordinary results in sound reduction, as the following acoustic measurements show.

Comfort Insulation

Reference: Steel plate t=6mm + L-shape stiffeners (H=115mm, W=80mm, t=10mm)

GLAVA Marine Mat 16 (50mm)
Sound Reduction Rw (C, Ctr): 44 dB (-1;-4)

GLAVA Marine Mat 16 (100mm)
Sound Reduction Rw (C, Ctr): 47 dB (-1;-5)

GLAVA Marine Mat 16 (150mm) and
GLAVA Marine Mat 16 (50mm) around stiffeners
Sound Reduction Rw (C, Ctr): 50dB (-2;-6)

GLAVA glass wool - Sound reduction, PDF